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Manchester Port Health Authority
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Port Health Authorities have duties under the Civil Contingency Act 2004, and are known as a Category One responders to the Act.

As a result of this, Manchester Port Health Authority, are at the core of the response to most emergencies.  We generally contain our activities to shipping related matters along the Manchester Ship Canal, but we do respond to requests for assistance from other category one services whenever required.

The full set of civil protection duties, includes the following:

  • To assess the risk of emergencies occurring in our area, and use this to inform contingency planning
  • To put in place emergency plans
  • To put in place Business Continuity Management arrangements
  • To put in place arrangements to make information available to the public about civil protection matters and maintain arrangements to warn, inform and advise the public in the event of an emergency
  • To share information with other local responders to enhance co-ordination
  • To co-operate with other local responders to enhance co-ordination and efficiency
  • To provide advice and assistance to business and voluntary organisations about Business Continuity Management
  • In order to undertake these functions Manchester Port Health Authority works very closely with the Local Resilience Forum in Cheshire.  Links are also established with Greater Manchester LRF and Mersey LRF

About Cheshire LRF

Cheshire Resilience is here to prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency. We bring together your local emergency services, National Health Service and local authorities, plus other agencies who can help to prepare and respond to any event.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) every part of the United Kingdom was required to establish a Local Resilience Forum – a multi-agency group covering a policing area which share information and resources, and respond together to an incident.

Cheshire Resilience will not offer immediate information in the event of an emergency.

Our aim is to work together to protect your community and make Cheshire the best prepared place for any emergency.

Manchester Port Health Authority also establishes links with Greater Manchester LRF and Mersey LRF.